Regional Sections

The Regional Sections are a local extension of the EHEDG and are created to promote hygienic manufacturing of food through their activities within a country or a geographical cluster. EHEDG has established Regional Sections in various countries in Europe and overseas.

In coordination with the Sub-Committee Regional Development, the Regional Sections

  • promote the mission and stimulate membership in EHEDG
  • organize events, seminars and training courses
  • translate and disseminate the EHEDG guidelines in the local language(s)
  • promote EHEDG certification and testing of equipment
  • communicate regional developments which might impact safe food production as a basis for improvement of the EHEDG guidelines
  • provide feedback on local affairs and new developments in the field of hygienic design
  • maintain an advisory function to legislators and standards groups
  • offer a networking platform for local experts in hygienic design.